Software Development News for ASP.Net with Developer's Express

Any high-tech business has to evolve and stay current.  We thought you might want to know what we are doing, why, and how it may affect us both. If you are our customer or a prospective customer, this will be great news and information.  But if you are the competition, it is going to hurt to find out how far behind the curve you are!

If you click the picture to the right, you will be taken to the Extend Studio website which explains what this technology is and what it can do.  CIT Services invested in the Super Pack this year, and the latest upgrade to this website was done with the help of cssLayouts.

This software extends what we can do with our Adobe CS6 license.  We are also a Microsoft Partner, using the full version of Visual Studio 2013 and we have a dxExperience license with Developer's Express.

Extend Studio

On the physical front, we invested in a professional server at iWeb.  We have always provided free hosting to our website design customers, and that continues, on our local server in Enfield.  Our professional customers now have optional hosting on the Montreal server at a very nominal cost.  Unlike GoDaddy or Blue Host or any of the other big hosting companies, our dedicated server at iWeb is massively under-utilized.  This means your professionally hosted website is going to be much faster than if your website had been hosted at any of the large hosting companies.  Quick response not only improves your visitor's experience, it also improves your Google or Bing rank.

While we were at it, we also upgraded our local server in Enfield.  It is now running Windows Server 2012 with a full license of SQL Server.  We increased memory from 4Gb to 16Gb and the disk to two Raided disk subsystems, the boot of 500Gb Raid 1 and data to 1TB, also Raid 1.  Our fall goal is to get Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Lync onto this server.  We assume that you know what Skype is; Lync is the professional version of Skype.

If you need a custom solution, give us a call, we'd be glad to discuss it with you.  If you are a developer interested in sharing this development environment or the professional hosting dedicated server, let us know about that also.