eCommerce Store Design & Development in Enfield CT, Western MA and New England

Looking for an Online eCommerce Store?  Whether you are a 1-person craft shop or planning on becoming Fortune 500, we have something in store for you.

CIT Services is an elite eCommerce designer in New England because we have our own eCommerce package.  That's right, we designed and coded it ourselves, using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server tools.  This ownership of the code gives us great flexibility in what we charge and in the features we can offer:

  • We can charge less, because we don't have to pay anyone else for a license to use the core package
  • We can customize it to fit your needs.

Standard features include:

  • As many pages of Items as you want, and as many Items per Page as you think appropriate
  • Each Item can be described as you wish, with a Picture, a Description, a Price and an Option such as Color or Size. If you can handle Microsoft Word, you can make your store look attractive.  Or, we can maintain your store for you at a reasonable fee.
  • You decide what you want to charge for Sales Tax, by State.
  • Fully customizable Shipping Charges.
  • Full Shopping Cart, with the ability to delete an Item or change the quantity. The Total Price will reflect the changes.
  • Full support for PayPal or Credit Cards through a Merchant Service.
  • Many Shipping features, including automatic emails to the customer when a Cart ships.
  • Support for one-of-a-kind Items or limited quantity so people can't buy what can no longer be delivered.
  • Discounts by customer so you can give a % discount to selected customers.

Our eCommerce solution allows you to minimize cost by maintaining it yourself.  If you prefer, we can maintain it for you.

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If you need a custom solution, give us a call, we'd be glad to discuss it with you.  Please refer to our Price Policy page - you may find us surprisingly cost effective and inexpensive.