Help Wanted - Web Site Design & Development near Enfield CT

I sympathize with your situation.  I have been there.   I had hoped to expand my business after Mitt Romney won, but that is not going to happen now.  I have to hunker down, work harder for less and hiring an official employee is now out of the question.

In spite of this setback, I have work for you if you fit my qualifications.  The first qualification is that you be conservative.  It would be kind of stupid to help someone who hates everything I stand for and believe in, right?  So if you don't care about your neighbors who are losing their jobs and homes, think the soldiers who are dying in Afghanistan should still be flying in Vietnam-era helicopters, think that ignoring the Constitution is a good idea and think that raising taxes is good for creating jobs, then I have nothing for you.  To put it another way, if you voted for Obama and Biden, you are an idiot and I have no use for you.

The second qualification is that you have your own legal business entity.  It is not difficult to form a 1-person LLC.

Send your resume and your business entity Federal Tax ID to me.  If you have skills that fit with my customers' needs, I will refer them to you.  If you don't like the political statements on this page, too bad.  At CIT we work for our customers; we are not members the entitlement crowd looking for free stuff.


Help Wanted in Enfield CT