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Can you believe it?  Some people actually believe that it is a good idea to ditch their professional website designer for a free self designed website.

Do you see the result? You are now on the our website instead of whichever website you were looking for.  Generally we get what we pay for in life and free is generally worthless.

CIT generally charges about $200 a year to host, maintain and promote a website.  CIT is a bargain, especially when the free alternative means that your customers can no longer find you.

fyi, I have done what I was asked to do, take down the website. However a domain has to point somewhere and it might as well point to my website now.  I have no control over Google searches which bring people here.  It will take months or even years before Google no longer sends people to the old domain, which is here.  After a while the domain registration will expire and then people will just get an error message rather than coming to this page. When that error message results rather than this page, most people will assume that you are out of business. But again that may take months or years.  If you want me to fix the situation, I can but it will take several hours of my time to do that.