Affordable Search Engine Optimization Plans in CT.

Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others all operate off three concepts called "Importance", "Keywords" and "Spam".  An Important website will be ranked higher in searches than another that is less Important.  If Google or the others think your website is "Spam" they will put it at the bottom of searches.  If Google thinks it is Important, they will put it at the top.

No References + No Traffic + WordPress + No Changes = No Importance = No Search Results = No Customers

There are approximately 40 million websites in the world.  If you want to be found in Google searches, you have competition.

  • References are links.  When another website provides a link to your, they are your reference and you are theirs, even if you don't know them.  More...
  • Traffic is website visitors.  Important websites have lots of traffic.  More...
  • If a website never changes, how important can it be to either the owner or to Google?
  • Important websites are easily found in Google searches.  Google's mission is to separate important sites from the unimportant and to rank the important ones first.  More...
  • Google searches are how most potential customers that don't already know about you will find your business

CIT Services offers the following SEO Plans:

Features Free Bronze Silver Gold
Appropriate Title and Meta Tags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Appropriate Keyword Placement Yes Yes Yes Yes
Authentication in Google & Bing/MSN Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sitemap Submission to Google & Bing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Analytics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linked by 4 Alexa-Ranked Secondary Pages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Annual update to every website page   Yes Yes Yes
Authentication in Alexa   Yes Yes Yes
Submission to Google Places*   Yes Yes Yes
Linked by 8 Alexa-Ranked Secondary Pages   Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Google Analytics Report   Yes Yes Yes
Guaranteed 100 Visitors/Month from 4 or more Computers/Locations**   Yes Yes Yes
Monthly "News" update to Home page***   Yes Yes Yes
Weekly "News" update to Home page***     Yes Yes
Monthly SEO Report     Yes Yes
Guaranteed 200 Vis tors/Month from 4 or more Computers/Locations**     Yes Yes
Monthly updates to 5 pages***       Yes
Linked by 4 Alexa-Ranked Home Pages       Yes
Guaranteed 450 Visitors/Month from 6 or more Computers/Locations**       Yes
Submission to Yahoo Local and the Bing Business Portal*       Yes

There is no contract on any of these SEO Plans.  You will receive a monthly e-mailed invoice and can pay with a check or online with a credit card or PayPal.  You will be billed for the prior month so if we do not meet contracted goals (monthly visitors or report) you are under no obligation to pay.

  • The Bronze Plan is $60 per month, $2.00 per day.  The Bronze features represent about 3 hours per month of work.
  • The Silver Plan is $200 per month and represents approximately 10 hours per month.
  • The Gold Plan is $500 per month and represents approximately 25 hours per month.

Most work is performed in New England; nothing is outsourced to Asia.  Please call for more information, (860) 698-9227 or send us a message from the Contact page.

  • * Some submissions require a PIN from Google, Microsoft, etc.  Without this PIN, mailed on a postcard or on an automated telephone call, we cannot manage the submission.
  • ** All visits are from a human being using Firefox, IE, Safari or Chrome.  Visits are a combination of referrals and organic searches.
  • *** You are responsible for providing content for "News" events.  If nothing is "new" we can make an unobtrusive change but ultimately you, the customer, are responsible for providing content, pictures, etc.