Team Software Development and Outsourcing to Ukraine

Did you ever watch wild geese?  The entire flock helps guard the goslings.  Adults pull guard duty while others eat.   They fly in patterns with the strongest flock members sharing the hardest lead position and the youngsters following.  Geese prosper as a team.  So do we.

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Information Technology is not like some other businesses.  Our customers need a wide variety of services but it is impossible for any person or even a few people to be experts in most IT areas.

To meet most customer needs it is best to have a lot of collegues.  Large companies typically have large problems, overhead, distance between the customer and the developer, morale and lack of agility with new technology.  We think that the "team model" is much better, a few independent small companies that refer work to each other based upon skill set.

CIT has been in business since 2008 in Enfield Connecticut.  In 2018 we moved to Kiev Ukraine and discovered a vibrant community if highly skilled developers who lack only native English skills and American business experience.

Regardless of the size of your IT needs, give us a call!