How to Attract Visitors to your New Web Site

It is a cold cruel world for a new website.  Without Google rank (Bing and Yahoo are similar), there will be few visitors.  Without visitors the rank will be poor.  It is a classic catch-22 situation.

How do you get visitors?  Well, you have to prime the pump.  You already have one visitor, YOU!  Hopefully you have a few family members and friends that you can impose upon to visit your website.  If you are active in social media, that ought to result in 20 visits a day for a month, which is a good start.

Here are some ideas:

  • Be controversial.  Nothing gets visitors like a good argument.  You can always change the content or tone it down later, though you should expect Google to remember what you said for several months.
  • Be cute.  A movie of your new puppy or kitten can be 1000 times as effective as you talking about your new financial planning service.  Video generally works very well, just be sure the video is not on the home page as people may open your website at work with the speakers at full volume.
  • Be persistent.  Visit your website several times a day, every day.
  • Be different.  Visiting your website from 2 different computers is better than visiting twice from one computer.  A visit in the morning and another in the evening is better than 2 visits ten minutes apart.
  • Hire an expert.  Me.  I am not going to tell you the rest of the story unless I get paid to do so.