Vermont Swing Championship 2014 Video & DVD's

The competition video is now complete and the Video Notebook will be ready in a few days.

You can now order and pay with PayPal (PayPal accepts normal credit cards).  You can order complete DVD sets or individual files that can be downloaded over the internet.

Sorry, but I cannot reliably ship physical media to Canada or any other non-USA address.  If you do not have a USA address, I can only deliver over the internet.  Which IMHO is better anyway!  Physical Media prices include shipping by US Post Office to USA addreses only.

DVD#1 Table of Contents:

  • Novice/Intermediate Strictly
  • Advanced Strictly
  • Newcomer Preliminary J&J
  • Novice Preliminary J&J

DVD#2 Table of Contents

  • Intermediate Preliminary J&J
  • Advanced Preliminary J&J
  • Advanced Final J&J
  • Masters
  • AllStar J&J

DVD#3 Table of Contents

  • Newcomer Final J&J
  • Novice Final J&J
  • Intermediate Final J&J
  • Pro Exhibition

Complete Set of Competition DVD's.

Video Notebook

  • Robert C.
  • Blake H.
  • Anne F.
  • Maria F.
  • Corey and Erin
  • John F.

Video Notebook

  • Ben and Jen
  • John L.
  • Angelique and Billy
  • Mariel M.
  • Erik

Internet Download any Section/Level * .  Includes Prelim and Finals if Applicable

Internet Download an additional Section/Level * .  Includes Prelim and Finals if Applicable

Internet Download the Video Notebook

Everything via Internet Download

Everything via Mailed DVDs

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* A Section is either Jack & Jill or Strictly or Masters.  Levels are Newcommer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All-Star.  The Professional Exhibition is free with any order.

If you are ordering a download, please send a separate email to me.  For example, novice Jack & Jills.  Thanks!