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CIT's mission is to provide full support.  If you wish, we will register your domain and make sure it does not expire, or help you register it yourself.  We will provide routine support - you won't get a bill if you need to rephrase a sentence or add a picture to your website.  We will produce and edit video for your website also.  We will host your website or arrange to have it hosted elsewhere and you will get reliable email at your domain if you want it.  Basic SEO optimization for Google is included in all CIT websites and if you want we can actively promote your website for as many hours per day as you want. Read More

If we are providing business IT design and development, we design your applications, code them ourselves to build in security and train your employees to use and support them.  If there is a requirements change in a year, the person who coded the original application will update it (This is something you will almost certainly NOT get from Indian outsourcing, their developer turnover is horrendous.).

About Don Peters

I have lived my whole career with computers.  I started repairing mainframes in 1973 and gradually transitional to software   Years ago I designed and manufactured a plug-in board for PC's that made the PC act like a mainframe peripheral unit.  After I got the hardware working I started writing applications for it in C.  C became C++, then Java and finally C#.  I also became pretty good at databases, first Oracle then Microsoft's SQL Server.  The last skill has become HTML5.  There are good reasons for not using a website generator, and I don't.

Currently I design internet applications using ASP.NET with a SQL Server back end.  I am competent with Adobe tools and video editing.

I now understand business requirements a lot better than I would have when I was 35 and was the ultimate techie.

Oh yes, I now live in Kiev Ukraine, see My personal website.   And here is what I have been doing this year.

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