We are the best Website Design and Software Development company Anywhere (for small businesses)


To be the best anywhere means "value", the best value.  Value is the combination of technical expertise, service and price.  I believe that my company has a legitimate claim to being the best anywhere for small to medium sized American businesses.  But discover for yourself!

Email is the best way to reach CIT and the primary email is don@cit-services.com.  Please don't spam me; I am not interested in business funding or outsourcing work to you.


Please do not try to call us as we do not answer any phone calls or voicemail.


If you are our customer, you will get a WhatsApp number so that you can text us or schedule a voice or video call.


It is not a secret.  Our office is a home office in Kyiv Ukraine and low overhead is why we can compete on price with anyone.  Our overhead is less.