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Our Message:   We Create - We are Unique - We Get Results

If you really wanted a website that looks like everyone else's, you would have left our website by now, because this website does not look like everyone else's.  Regardless of style, CIT provides personal service and attention to detail.  You will get an attractive website appropriate for your business or profession and you will get a fair price without surprises.

CIT Services, LLC designs superior websites and applications - at rock-bottom prices! We provide:
  • Full Service website design, development, SEO and maintenance in a low cost package
  • Application development for Microsoft platforms
  • Video recording and production
  • We host our own customers with no extra hosting fee!  More!
We deliver Effective Websites and Applications.  Choose us.
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We do things other designers can't do at prices they won't match.  We are local to CT, Western MA & New England so our products are Safe!

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One of the ways of insuring that Google and the other search engines assign a lot of importance to a website is to have a lot of content on it.  Tabs are a way of putting a lot of content onto a page without making it unattractive for people.  There are reasons why we are on page 1 of a Google search for all our key words and most variants.

Support and Service are more than words or vague goals at CIT.  They are our daily achievements.

We deliver cleanly working solutions well beyond the capabilities of most of our competition.  But our greatest strength is personal service - which starts with local development.  No offshoring development company can match our responsiveness, our knowledge of New England culture or our careful and safe coding standards.

Please, take some time to explore this website.  Click on things.  If you are looking for a great website, isn't it worth 30 minutes of your time to explore this one?

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We would like the opportunity to deliver the best to you.  more...

CIT uses Microsoft Technology - SQL Server ASP.NET and .NET because they are the best development platforms.

Most of our competition uses straight HTML or HTML with Javascript, which is fine if all you need is a simple "Glorified Business Card" website.  We think most businesses will eventually need more.

Some of our competition has "graduated" to PHP and MySQL, which means they can do more complicated things such as business forms.  If you think PHP and MySQL are reliable and powerful enough for business applications, then we suggest you read this blog or talk to the site administrators or a blog I(Don) visit a lot,  The fact is that PHP and MySQL have never been as stable as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.  PHP and MySQL are free, as opposed to the thousands of dollars we pay for a current MSDN subscription.

If you really think that free is better than professional grade, then why does our competition using "free" charge more than we do?  Perhaps because "free" also means inefficient, error-prone and slow?

Do we have an attitude?  Absolutely!  What do you expect?  It is a matter of taking pride in our work!

There is enough information on this website for several hours of reading and thinking.  If you are considering a new website or an enhancement to your existing website, please spend at least an hour reading.  Then please visit the Contact page and call us.  Unless, of course, you prefer to be pay more than you should and get less than you want.

CIT is one of the best eCommerce Website Design Companies in CT and New England

Please do some Google searches for website design in CT, you will find us in several Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.

We also design standard Windows and SQL Server applications using WPF and .NET.

CIT Services, LLC is a Software Programming company.  We design Websites, eCommerce Websites, Internet Applications and standard Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF, .NET) applications.  Video is an integral part of a modern website so we do video recording and production too.  We use ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server & Adobe tools to create top-of-the-line applications at modest prices.  Compare our results!  Give your business an advantage over your competition.  Call CIT and let's discuss how to implement IT solutions an affordable manner.

We do all work in the USA, no offshoring!  We know that our code is safe and solid because we coded it ourselves!  Our Guarantee...

We would like the opportunity to deliver the best to you.  more...

We didn't start as SEO Experts, but it was necessary to learn.  We did.

I have to tell you, it was a very humbling experience.  As a software designer I am used to making changes to code and seeing the difference, but making changes to SEO optimization is different.  The difference you want to see is moving from page 10 of a Google search to page 1 or 2, or at least to page #9.  But there will be no improvement until you do it right, and even then it may take weeks or months for the improvement to happen.  Does the headline below describe your website?

No References + No Traffic + WordPress = No Importance = No Search Results = No Customers

CIT offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans from $60 a month and if you Click Here we will show you what you get and that it works.

There are 2 parts to website design, making the website attractive to humans and making it attractive to Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Only a few professional designers can do both well.  Here is more information and more theory.

Windows Programming in C based languages is my original core skill.

There are lots of website designers but only a few can write the back end logic and connect your website to your business.  We can!   more...

Here are 2 examples:

  1. A quote application that automatically sends an eMail to prospective customers, based upon information in a SQL Server database. If the customer clicks on the pictures, they see larger versions.
  2. An Inventory location service. Using an App running on an iPhone, the customer scans the barcode of a part, then the barcode of the bin or location, the SQL Server database now has an accurate location for the part in question. It takes about 15 seconds per part in a production environment.  More...

My language of choice is C# although I was once most comfortable with Java and before that, C++.  At the database end, I am proficient in either Transact-SQL or PL/SQL.  If you are planning a small to intermediate sized business application and want it to be reliable I highly recommend C# or Java and PL/SQL or Transact-SQL.  Avoid the scripting languages like PHP unless you don't care about robustness, reliability or your reputation.

Systems Integration is usually to easiest and fastest way of creating a complete application.

We have an example for you, please visit ...

If you don't have the time or budget for a custom application, finding two or more partial solutions and designing a bridge application may be the optimal development plan.  For example, creating a new database table, populating it with a SQL script and then using Microsoft Access to display the results is likely to be substantially faster than writing a new WPF application.  Faster and cheaper isn't always better, though.  CIT delivers solutions, not applications, and we offer advice on strategy as well as software products.

News & Events

September, 2014

We video recorded the Vermont Swing Dance Championships at Stratton Mountain VT

July, 2014

Our political websites are complete, our vacation is over and Don is back adding features for Environmental Office Solutions.

May, June 2014

We video-recorded Swingin Into Spring again and we have several political websites started, the first of which is Kwas for the 59th. Next is Kienzler for the 58th and the third is Storms for the 60th.

April, 2014

We are adding a 3rd website for Silvia, please visit CT Banquet Facility and if you are curious, ask why 3 is a good idea.

We started a new website for Enfield Landscaping

We started a new website for Delightful Demos, Suffield

March, 2014

We have 2 new websites starting as of the 1st, All American Sand Blasting and Tami Z for the 61st

February, 2014

We have started a new website for Libretto Group

January, 2014

We Video Recorded the New Year's Eve Extravaganza in Framingham MA

We Video Recorded a wedding anniversary in Enfield

December, 2013

We have won a bid to design a system to sort parts based upon a 2D barcode. This system will have browser interfaces but is primarily a database application.

November, 2013

Unlimited Motorsports and Paint has gone live this month!  We also completed a standard website for Connecticut Holiday Lighting in Norwalk CT.

October, 2013

A second website in Ellington this month!  Unlimited Motorsports and Paint

September, 2013

We have recorded the Vermont Swing Dance Championships at Stratton Mountain.  DVD's will be ready soon.

Jim T's Plumbing should be completed early in September.

August, 2013

We are redesigning a website for Babbitt Bearings in Willington CT

We have a 2nd domain for Shawn at Babbitt Bearings

July, 2013

We are doing a major face lift for Tactical Countermeasure Group in New Britain CT

We have a new customer, Farm Car Care in Vernon CT

We have added the first of 2 mobile websites. Please refer to the main menu under "Home". In the next few weeks we will be building a complete responsive version.  With CIT, you have options!

June, 2013

We have an SEO-only customer: Sansom Delilah Jewelry in Suffield CT

We are adding a service, we have new and refurbished PC's and Laptops running Windows 7, pre-installed, at less than you would pay at the major chains or most online vendors.

We already have a new website just starting, please visit Hair by VoVo

May, 2013

We have a new website under construction, please visit Bradley Express

May, 2013

We video recorded Swingin Into Spring again this year.  Some DVD's will be ready on the 10th.

April, 2013

We have a new website for a new customer, please visit Pools with Hart in Enfield

April, 2013

We completed our large video contract for CT Future Musicians, delivering 85 DVD's and 80 Audio CD's of their State Concert at CCSU

April, 2013

we are redesigning the website for Bacher Corporation in East Windsor

March, 2013

We have started a new website for a new customer, Othentic Foods

January, 2013

We video-recorded the New Year's Eve West Coast Dance Extravaganza in Newton MA and are delivering video now.

November, 2012

We are adding the maintenance, support and promotion for Projects Unlimited in Enfield CT

October, 2012

One of our long-time customers that hasn't been able to pay their website bill is now back in business and we are refreshing their websites.  This is another reason for contracting with us as your local information technology supplier.  We will work with you and hold your website even though you are a couple of months late.  The big companies won't do that, 60 days and they turn off your website or send your account to collections.

September, 2012

We have redesigned and are maintaining the Enfield Republicans Website.

September, 2012

We are adding a second website for Silvia's Catering in Enfield CT.

August, 2012

August has been slow, we are updating several of our existing customers' websites.

July, 2012

We have completed an eCommerce page on this website for video we recorded in July.

May, 2012

We have started a full eCommerce application for Bishop's Used Auto Parts in Middletown CT. This will keep us busy all summer and well into the fall.

May, 2012

We video-recorded Swingin Into Spring for the 3rd straight year

April, 2012

We are now actively promoting regional versions of websites for Bishop's Used Auto Parts, please visit the Springfield MA version and the Hartford CT version.

April, 2012

We have upgraded the New England Gemstone Supply website.

March, 2012

We have re-acquired an old website, please visit Circle of Life in East Hartford

March, 2012

We have new Video. Please watch.

March, 2012

We have a new Inventory Control program using iCody ready for Bishop's Auto Parts. more...

March, 2012

We have updated the Dance Village website, please visit.

February, 2012

We have updated the L.R. Campisi and Associates website, please visit.

February, 2012

We have added a ThompsonvilleCafe website as a subset of Silvia's Restaurant, with unique content.

February, 2012

We have upgraded the Parker Ellingwood website.

January, 2012

We have upgraded the Fullams Windows website.

Mid-January, 2012

We have completed the 4th WPF / MS SQL Server application 2 Intranet reports for Bishop's Used Auto Parts.

December, 2011

We have completed another WPF / MS SQL Server application and started a 4th for Bishop's Used Auto Parts in Middletown CT.

November, 2011

We have completed two WPF / MS SQL Server applications for Bishop's Used Auto Parts in Middletown CT.

October, 2011

We have redesigned the website for Silvia's Restaurant in Enfield.

19 June, 2011

We video-recorded the VT Swing Dance Championship and have video from it on this website.

13 June, 2011

We have a new non-profit website,

6 June, 2011

We have finished the redesign of our New England Gemstone Supply website.

18 May, 2011

We have finished a website for Bishop's Auto Parts in Middletown CT and are now providing application and database design services

14 May, 2011

We video-ed the Ms. Senior CT Pageant.

12 May, 2011

We have a new website design customer, My Fit Weight in Longmeadow MA

29 April, 2011

We video-recorded Swingin Into Spring

2 April, 2011

We video record a Ballroom Competition for Inter-District

19 March, 2011

We video record a State Band Concert for CT Future Musicians

1 March, 2011

We have updated and now host the website for Sara's Dance.

28 January, 2011

We have started a new eCommerce website template for Herbalife.

20 January, 2011

We start an new website for T-Walls of Kuwait and Iraq. This will be an eCommerce website selling books commemorating the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

15 January, 2011

We start an update of Operation Music Aid in Madison CT. Occasionally we need a reminder of how much better we are than our competition and the prior state of this website is definitely that reminder. Please take a look.

12 January, 2011

We start a website for

31 December, 2010

We video-record New Year's Dancin Eve again this year

25 August, 2010

We have started a new website for A-1 Plumbing & Heating in Enfield CT

1 August, 2010

We complete a new website for CT Future Musicians' website

1 July, 2010

We have a new customer Visual Prosperity, in Glastonbury CT

15 May, 2010

We video-record The Inter-District Ballroom Competition for High School dancers

13 May, 2010

We video-record an industrial training session for Joseph Gnazzo Company in Union CT

1 May, 2010

We video-record Swingin into Spring

31 March, 2010

We video-record the FMI Connecticut State Band Concert

8 March, 2010

We complete the website for R & R Industries in Springfield MA.

1 March, 2010

We have completed the new website for Copy Shoppe in Windsor CT.

13 Feb. 2010

We complete a yearly maintenance and SEO update to Ed Malley's website

10 Feb. 2010

Redesigned Fullam's Shutters, see Fullam's Shutters

27 January, 2010

We have video from the New Year's Dancin Eve on this website. Please watch.

31 Dec. 2009

Recorded a major dance competition in Woburn MA

26 Dec. 2009

Completed a redesign of the CT Trust websites

7 Dec. 2009

We redo the website for the Thompsonville Cafe

30 Oct. 2009

CIT redesigns this website, our primary website.

24 Oct. 2009

CIT video records a Jr. High School band concert for Future Musicians at St. Thomas School in Southington CT.

Sometimes one website isn't enough.  CIT Services is on page #1 for many Google searches in Enfield and the neighboring towns and #1 in many searches for the entire State of CT.  But many people search in their local towns, Windsor, Vernon/Rockville, Hartford, New Britain, etc.  When we have or have had a mailing address in these towns, we have created websites and gotten registered with Google Places, Yahoo Local, etc.  If your business has branch offices, I strongly recommend a unique website for each location, because people will search for "attorney in Norwalk CT" or "Liquor Store in Agawam MA".  They may not find you in Norwalk if you have an office in both Stamford and Norwalk but your website is registered in Google Places only for Stamford.

Second and third websites are inexpensive when we are just making local modifications.

Please look for our other websites.