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If you really wanted a website that looks like everyone else's, you would have left our website by now, because this website does not look like everyone else's.  Regardless of style, CIT provides personal service and attention to detail.  You will get an attractive website appropriate for your business or profession and you will get a fair price without surprises.

CIT Services, LLC designs superior websites and applications - at rock-bottom prices! We provide:
  • Full Service website design, development, SEO and maintenance in a low cost package
  • Application development for Microsoft platforms
  • Video recording and production
We deliver Effective Websites and Applications.  Choose us.
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We do things other designers can't do at prices they won't match.  We are local to CT, Western MA & New England so our products are Safe!

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One of the ways of insuring that Google and the other search engines assign a lot of importance to a website is to have a lot of content on it.  Tabs are a way of putting a lot of content onto the home page without making it unreadable and unattractive to human visitors.  Try them!  There is a reason why we are on page 1 of a Google search for all our key words and most variants.

Support and Service are more than words or vague goals at CIT.  They are our daily achievements.

We deliver cleanly working solutions well beyond the capabilities of most of our competition.  But our greatest strength is personal service - which starts with local development.  No offshoring development company can match our responsiveness, our knowledge of New England culture or our careful and safe coding standards.

Please, take some time to explore this website.  Click on things.  If you are looking for a great website, isn't it worth 30 minutes of your time to explore this one?

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