Software Development in CT & Western MA - ASP.NET Responsive Website Design - .NET Software Development

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Custom Software Development in CT and Western MA.  A quality vendor at a reasonable price.

These are not be too much to ask for.

.NET Software Development

We use .NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft Visual Studio and C# to design business applications because they produce reliable business-grade applications.  We can also use Java and Oracle as a development platform, or Java and PostgreSQL.

Our standard rate is $40 per hour.  Negotiable discounts are available for large projects.  We bill company to company and we are a registered Connecticut LLC with a Federal Tax ID.

We have our own development server running Windows 2012 R2 with SQL Server 2012 Standard.  We have our own PC's with software licences for Visual Studio, Office and Adobe CS6.

We have a dedicated production web server in Montreal running Windows 2012 and IIS 8.  This is a lightly loaded professional grade server with everything necessary for speed and reliability and security.

We deliver either native WPF applications or browser based applications such as the screenshot on the right, running in Chrome.

We deliver stable custom software applications.

ASP.NET Software Development, HTML5


ASP.NET Website Development

ASP.NET is a subste of .NET which is Microsoft's development environment.  ASP.NET is commonly used for website development.

Although there are many ways to develop a website, ASP.NET is one of the best. Most others are cheap and inflexible.  Instead we design with the best tools that have lead the industry for 20 years.  This means that when your website needs a refresh in a few years, no one has to completely redesign it and you don't have to pay for a complete redesign.  It also means there is no hidden code that compromises your SEO or puts your website visitors or your business at risk.